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Lesson #12

Basic Tactics

Level: Beginners

Category: Tactics

Purpose: Having a clear understanding of the fundamental tactics of squash will give you a clear goal and help focus your mind throughout the game.

Learning points:
The basic tactics of squash all have to do with 'control of the T'. The player who controls the T in any rally will win the rally a very high percentage of the time. Controlling the T simply means you are hitting shots while standing near the T position, while your opponent is running to the corners of the court to retrieve your shots.

You should begin each rally with the idea that you are going to 'control the T' from the outset. So your first shot (whether serving or receiving) should be aimed at forcing your opponent to take his next shot from a back corner.

Once you have your opponent in the back corner, your next thought should be how to exploit his position by making him/her run into the front court. The most likely way to do this is to intercept his next shot with a volley low above the tin.

In other words, when you control the T, you should be 'hunting the volley'. If you have created an opening with your back corner shot, followed by a good volley, you now should focus on piling on the pressure. Step up the pace with more volleys or low drives. Keep this up until the ball is no longer returned.

If you should lose the advantage you created, the key is to be patient. Simply begin again and attempt to put your opponent into a back corner. Control of the T will be exchanged often in a rally between equally matched players.

5 drills in this Lesson: